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Almost Magic Bathroom Cleaning!

Lozano’s House Cleaning & Janitorial is a Family Owned and Operated Business in Sunnyvale, California. We take pride in everything we do and we say yes when others don’t!

Here are some before and after photos of our work:

before_toilet_cleaning_bath_tub_cleaning_lozanos_house_cleaning_maintenance_sunnyvale_californiaafter_toilet_cleaning_bath_tub_cleaning_lozanos_house_cleaning_maintenance_sunnyvale_california Where others say no, we say Yes we can do it!

before_bath_tub_cleaning_lozanos_house_cleaning_maintenance_sunnyvale_californiaafter_bath_tub_cleaning_lozanos_house_cleaning_maintenance_sunnyvale_california It may seem like Magic but it’s actually a lot of hard work and dedication to what we do!

Work with a professional & personable cleaning service!

We offer:

  • The Best Service in the Area
  • Best Value
  • We are the Most Dependable
  • We are Always on time
  • We always give Great Customer Service Experience

No cleaning person or company working for you? No Problem!

  • We can customize a cleaning program to fit your unique needs.
  • No Contract Required

Looking for More Savings?

  • As us about our referral program!

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