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Professional House Cleaning Cervices

Professional house cleaning services are available for private homes, rental properties, multi unit buildings, businesses, rental move-ins or move-outs, home sale preparation, event and party cleanup, and more. You can use Lozano House Cleaning for a one-time service or set up a recurring cleaning service such as a weekly or biweekly cleaning. Things that affect […]

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Top Rated Cleaning Service South Bay!

Thank you so much to all our clients raving about us on Social Media, Google and Yelp! Here at Lozano’s House Cleaning & Maintenance, we strive to give each of our clients the very best that we have to offer. Many of times that is simply doing a little more than what we are asked […]

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Holiday Cleaning Help?

Lozano’s House Cleaning & Maintenance are the cleaning professionals that you need to hire! The Holiday season is upon us and that means hosting parties, banquets, family gatherings and a whole lot of cleaning up before and after. So why not hire a professional crew to help your life become easier and so you can […]

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Sunnyvale Housekeeping Service

If you are a homeowner with very little time to clean, it would be wise to look into a hiring a housekeeper. Statistically, commuters tend to have less free time than those who don’t but even stay at homes have too much on their plate. The cleanliness of your home is important to maintain a […]

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Is your Cleaning Service insured?

What Insurance should I ask for? There are 3 types of insurance that a professional house cleaner should carry. General Liability,Workers Compensation and a Janitorial Bond. Why should it matter if your House Cleaner is insured? Slips, trips and falls are the most common. Along with eye and skin chemical burns. Are you willing to pay […]

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Almost Magic Bathroom Cleaning!

Lozano’s House Cleaning & Janitorial is a Family Owned and Operated Business in Sunnyvale, California. We take pride in everything we do and we say yes when others don’t! Here are some before and after photos of our work:  Where others say no, we say Yes we can do it!  It may seem like Magic […]

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